What is HDM Fashion ?

Founded in November of 2020 by our creative director – James Paakwesi Davis on the values of enterprise, creative freedom, social liberties, progressive defiance, and dynamic culture. HDM Fashion brings together graphic designers, visual artists, painters, photographers and anyone with an inclination for creating visual arts. HDM Fashion translates all the creative art from all over the world unto the best quality and variety  of apparel and accessories for our clientele to express their creativity through their use of these fashion art pieces. At HDM Fashion we seek to push boundaries of existing business and creative structures in a new era with art and everyday fashion, and usher in the most inclusive form of exclusivity platform in the world.

About Paakwesi

James P A A K W E S I  Davis, known professionally as P A A K W E S I, is an African singer-songwriter, rapper and record producer. Known for his irresistible melodies,  introspective lyrics and his alluring, laconic vocal style. He first attained industry recognition in Africa in 2011, in an artist management capacity under the label, One Nation Entertainment. This was following awards for works he had overseen and produced for African Award winning Artiste, Efya. Paakwesi has since gained acclaim within local and international industry circles for blending a range of genres  including Afrobeats, poetry, hip hop, soul, and R&B into his own unique style of music called DeepTrap.

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